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Food and related beverages are an important part of the pleasure at sea. The ship is licensed to sell beer and wine and are sold on board for the usual restaurant prices. Our " liquor cabinet " contains beer, wine and soft drinks.

It is possible to pre-order wines as required, but we recommend of course what we have on board.
The most popular menus are of course our oceans party table and grill menu . (Unless it's a Christmas party you wish to book ).
For without this you will find a wide range to suit every occasion, whether it's summer party with firm , weddings , confirmations or other things that should be celebrated.


Prawn table:

√ shrimp with bread , butter , lemon aioli , red onion and mayonnaise.

Price: NOK 250, - per. person


Fish soup:

Southern fish soup made with white wine , fish , vegetables .

Price: NOK 130, - pr.person


√ Heat chicken wings.
√ Heat tapas bowls in tomato sauce.
√ Marinated scampi.
√ Wraps with marinated chicken.
√ Wraps with smoked salmon.
√ Fried potatoes with aioli.
√ Stuffed chili with feta chees and olives.
√ Roasted dates with bacon.
√ Small skewers of assorted meats and barbecue sauce.
√ Green Salad.
√ Red and green pesto.
√ Sweet chili sauce.
√ Dressing.
√ Baguettes with butter.

Price: NOK 300 , - pr . person

Sea party table:

√ Stuffed crab shells.
√ Fresh prawns
√ Marinated Prawns
√ Oven baked trout
√ White wine steamed mussels.
√ Smoked salmon with scrambled eggs.
√ Wraps with smoked salmon.
√ Green Salad
√ Bread and butter
√ Dressing and mayonnaise
√ Lemon and red onion .

Price: NOK 330, - pr, person


√ Roast beef with homemade potato salad
√ Choose between patties with onions or fried chicken.
√ Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs
√ Ham with fruit salad.
√ Smoked ham with melon.
√ Green Salad
√ Dressing and mayonnaise .
√ Bread and butter.

Price: NOK 215, - pr. person

Spec table:

√ Cured leg of mutton.
√ Ham.
√ Morr sausage.
√ Mutton / salami.
√ Scrambled eggs and potato salad.
√ Melon and Grapes.
√ Crisp Bread and butter.

Price: NOK 200, - pr. person

Lunch plate:

√ Marinated scampi.
√ Salmon and scrambled eggs.
√ Roast beef and potato salad.
√ Patty with onions.
√ Salad and dressing.
√ Bread and butter.

Price: NOK 150, - pr . person


√ Roast beef with homemade potato salad.
√ Prawns and mayonnaise.
√ Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs.
√ Patties and onions.
√ Ham and homemade fruit salad.

Price: NOK 25 , - pr . pieces


√ Marinated chicken and tomato pesto.
√ Ham and bacon with basil pesto.
√ Ham and cheese with pesto butter.

Price: NOK 35, - pr . pieces



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