Tlf: 456 70 052

Skjærgårdsopplevelser Sør AS makes the archipelagoavalible to all. Our flagship is a real schooner that is 82 feet long.

Onboard this ship you can bring up to 100 guests, and we can arrange almost anything for you. Anniversaries, summer parties for your company, weddings, confirmation, theme parties, school camps - even Christmas dinners has been arranged with great success.

The boat has its own liqour license for serving of alchol, and food on board you'll find in our rich menu. We can also provide you with live music and other entertainment.

Imagine a summer with sun and fresh shrimp on deck.
Should the weather change, we have good capacity below deck or under large sail cloths that covering the whole ship.

Price per . request.

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Booking: Trond
Tlf: 456 70 052

Daglig leder: Rune Nilsen
Tlf: 957 44 000

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